Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lego Ideas Rewind

There are a bunch of grandfathered Cuusoo submissions that are set to expire in 35 days when Ideas hits its one year anniversary.  Some of these should get a shot at the review process and I think the community should throw its weight behind them

Microfig Mechas by The Mugbearer.  I've featured his work here before in both Ideas posts and a Spotlight.  Type 3 Mecha from this submission would be right up our alley.

Box Bot by Beitle. I think this deserves to be doing a lot better than it is.

Steel Brothers - Steel Blade by polinozs.  This is a fairly simple design but it has a lot of good parts.

Micro Mechs - Pocket Models by BWTMT Brick.  C'mon, 4P scale mechs.  What's not to love?

Tesla Troops by Garry_Rocks.  This is a massive submission and I hope it gets a little closer to its goal.

Chronos by Accelerando.  One of the main complaints I hear is that Lego doesn't have any sets that are ready to go right out of the box.  This was purpose built for MFZ.  C'mon!!  What more do you want?

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