Friday, March 6, 2015

[TMOH] A Chorus of Bullfrogs

A while back I created my first all Kre-O frame called the Bullfrog.  There were some minor problems with it, like the Clip Tiles that held the legs on being very loose on the Bar Plate they attached to.  While it was nice that the initial frame design was a 99% SSC in the long run I wanted something I could field in a game.  I also wanted to maintain its pure Kre-O nature.  Over time I collected more sets and pieces and was able to replace the Clip Tiles with better versions.  I tweaked the design a little and made a squad of them.

In the front is the Close Combat model (2Rh+d8/Gd8/2Y/2W).

On the sides are two copies of the Dual Ranged Hitter model (2Rd/2Ra/1Y/2W).
In the back is the Heavy Hitter model (2Rd+d8/1Y/2W).

I also have another Bullfrog partially assembled.
I'm not sure what range I'm going to assign it to.

If you look closely at the group picture you'll notice
that the squad is equipped with a full set of SSRs.

I also have a full set of Stations for
this squad, which are pure Kre-O.

Hopefully I'll have the chance to put them through their paces at PAX East this year.

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