Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Battle Report: Double Header (Game 1)

The usual suspects managed to get together for another game this past weekend.  Some of them showed up late, Tom and I managed to get in a game before they arrived.

Tom (7 frames & 24 systems) = (7 points per asset) * (10 assets) = 70 points.
Cutters: 2Rh/2B/1Y/1Gd8/2W (x4)
Gunners: 1Rd/2B/1Y/2W (x2)
Recon-By-Fire: 2Ra+d8/2Y/2W
Me (8 frames & 30 systems) = (3 Points per asset) * (11 assets) = 33 points.
Soldier Spider: 1Rd/1B/1G/1Y/2W (x4)
Assault Spider: 2Rd+d8/1B/1G/2W (x2)
Leader Spider: 1Y/1B/1G+d8/2W (x2)

At the start of game we're generally split between the two sides.

Events of Turn 1 (DDC@11):
Tom starts to push towards two of my stations that are near each other.  I push towards his least defended station.  I manage to destroy one of Tom's Gunner Frames in the process.

Tom: 63 points.
Me: 33 points.

Events of Turn 2 (DDC@8):
Tom continues to push for my paired stations and I redouble my efforts to take one of his.  I also try for a second of Tom's Stations.  During this turn he destroys my two Assault Spiders.

You can see one of my horrendous damage rolls in the lower left picture.

Tom: 63 points.
Me: 27 points.

Events of Turn 3 (DDC@6):
I lose a Soldier Spider in my attack, but Tom loses one of his Cutter Frames and a Station.  Then I lose my Artillery Spider and a Station in return.

Tom: 56 points.
Me: 21 points.

Events of Turn 4 (DDC@3):
I lose another Soldier Spider and a Station.  We tick the clock down to zero as Grafvonbarnez and Narbey have arrived and are waiting to join in.

Tom: 63 points.
Me: 15 points.

Thoughts & Observations:
  • Underbid.  Underbid!!!
  • I really have to upgrade those Leader Spiders to 2Y.
  • Scale differences can look really jarring in play.
  • It was nice getting a game in after skipping May.

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