Friday, July 21, 2017

Random Starships 5

Let's finish out the week with some starships!

Micro GARC Lineup by Jake.  All of these feature interesting
parts use, color use, and techniques.  They also look to
range in size between Cruiser and Frigate length.

but still a good one.  Looks to be the proper length for a Cruiser.

Dressed for Wargames... by nnenn.  This is another old one.
The picture's a little small and the ships are probably
too long for Intercept Orbit but they look fantastic.

Tiny Freighters by essaych.  Render.  These would make great HVAs.

Starship II by Adeel Zubair.  Nice color blocking, it
looks to be Frigate length, and downloads are disabled.

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