Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Terrain & Scenery 10

More pretty stuff for you to stare at this week.

Tiny Trucks by Robiwan Kenobi.  These look to be in 6P scale.

is really neat, and downloads are disabled.

MicroRover by Sad Brick.  A very nice 2P -- or
so -- build that also has downloads disabled.

Micro Rover by kamalmyafi.  Render.  Looks to be 6P or 7P,
it'll have to be thinned out a bit because it will probably take
more than 10 hits to destroy it.  Again, downloads disabled.

Vehicle Stuff by Sunder_59.  A nice selection of sci-fi vehicles in microscale.


  1. Heh, that Moai would be, mm, something like 6-hit cover? :D

    1. Yeah. My rough estimate puts it at 33 pieces.