Monday, August 27, 2018

Post Game Interview 2

I brought along the questionnaires to the game at Greenfield Games a few weekends ago.  I figured I'd get some interesting answers as I was going to be sharing the table with both Joshua and Vincent .

Here are the questions I asked.

1.) Why did you choose the squad composition and size that you brought to today's game?
Vincent: Soldiers are eeeasy.
Tom: I made new guys.
Liam: Even balance of weapons.
Joshua: Wanted to start in the middle then capture.
Me: I wanted to try a new squad composition.

2.) Did you have a strategy for today's game?
Vincent: Nope.
Tom: Kinda.
Liam: Not really, it's only my second game.
Joshua: Yep.
Me: Yes.

2a.) If so, what was it?
Tom: Overwhelm and destroy.
Joshua: Capture and hold.
Me: Be Primary attacker.

3.) Why did you place your squad on the table the way you did at the start of the game?
Vincent: I was crowded on to the edge.
Tom: I group more on the corner because then ?? ?? ?? ?? space, I tried to concentrate firepower and take advantage of my double Blue systems.
Liam: I was very restricted on where I could.
Joshua: Keep formation, add fire support.
Me: Short answer, because I got screwed by a die roll.  Long answer, I tried to push everyone to the edge of the table to get as much room to maneuver as possible.

4.) Did your strategy for today's game change at any point while we were playing?
Vincent: Sure!
Tom: Not really.
Liam: Yes.
Joshua: Yep!
Me: Yes.

4a.) If so, how?
Vincent: I changed enemies in Turn 1, I think?
Liam: Try to get the unguarded stations.
Joshua: Had to alternate offense and defense.  Had too few viable targets for capture.
Me: After losing two-thirds of my forces in the first turn it became about survival and possibly getting control of open Stations to build up points.

5.) Any personal comments you'd like to add?
Vincent: Yay!
Tom: This was a crazy game with huge swings.
Liam: It was fun.
Joshua: Vincent hit me!

The answers I received are under the corresponding questions.  Any mistakes in reporting are mine.

I hope this gives some insight to the strategy and tactics of the Ice 9 @ Greenfield Games game.


  1. I just discovered this blog a few days ago. Fantastic work. As someone who is just getting into Mobile Frame Zero for the first time, it is HUGELY useful to have so many ideas, tips, reviews, actual play reports, etc. in one place, nicely organized and easily searchable. You are doing the community a service, and it's appreciated.