Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mecha Design & Tactical Doctrine 6

The Watchtower: This is a multipurpose design.  It features two Defensive attachments, two Spotting attachments, and a free d8 Movement attachments for having no ranged weapons.  It can be cover and spotter for artillery. It can also be fast moving cover so HtH specialists can move up in areas with sparse cover. When the two defense dice get blown it can still run around spotting. Or, if you need cover more than spot, it can lose several systems and still be good cover.  It was created by Majincob

The Guardian: By varying the loadout on the Artillerist slightly you can make a mech with a different purpose.  This design has two Artillery attachments, a split Direct Fire/Hand-to-Hand attachment, and one Defensive attachment.  It's meant to sit and defend a station while shelling the rest of the board with the Artillery attachment.  This was created by Soren Roberts.

The Moving Wall: This design has two Defensive attachments, two Movement attachments, and a free d8 Movement attachments for having no ranged weapons.  It provides cover for other fast mechs with no defense.  In case of emergencies it can also sprint into HtH range to engage another mech with its White dice.

The Shoot & Scoot: Designed to hit and run.  Shoot fast, shoot hard, and run from cover to cover; it carries the weapons the Moving Wall cannot.  It has two Direct Fire attachments, and two Movement attachments.

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