Monday, May 14, 2012

Spotlight: Squieu

While most MFZ newcomers haven't heard of Zizy most have been exposed to Squieu's work.  Which is odd because Zizy does more microscale building in a scale that matches MFZ.  A lot of people, new and old, are using Squieu's Mini-Frame as the starting point for their work.

I think this is the best view of the frame to give you an idea of how it's built.  It's almost possible to build it in LDD but it does feature some "illegal" connections.

Mitten Ninja has based his first three frames on the Mini-Frame.

Squieu's other frame, the Takafashii, seems to get less notice though.

Even though it has a parts breakdown.

It'll be interesting to see what else people come up with based on these Frames.


  1. I absolutely love Squieu's work. That mini-frame was the first thing I really started messing with, pretty much everything else I've built is because of that frame.

    The Takifashii is really sweet too, the only thing is it's a little less versatile in the sense that it only does wide, canopy forward designs really well, while the mini-frame can be modded to do almost anything.

    1. I haven't built a Mini-Frame yet. Seeing as everyone is messing around with it I'll probably avoid it until the furor dies down.

      I've got a Takafashii tucked away in my "built" box. I've had a few thoughts recently about modifying it and maybe making something specific with it.