Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Random MFZ Sites

I did a multi-keyword Google search for MFZ this afternoon and found a number of related sites.

A Tumblr called Tagged/Mobile-Frame-Zero.  Looks like Carbonbass has posted a lot to it.

Here's an article on MFZ with some discussion.

A Pinterest site called Mobile Frame Zero Mech Instructions.

Another Pinterest site called Badass MoF0 Mecha Frames.

A blog post about MFZ on La Cueva Del Lobo.

Another new blog, called MFZ Homebrew Rules, specializing in -- you guessed it -- new rules for MFZ.

Anyone else got any others?


  1. Thanks for noticing my Pinterest site! Changed the name to BadAss MoF0 Mecha Frames & URL became -->

    (formerly "Pinterest site called Mobile Frame Zero - Rapid Attack", which sounded too generic IMO.) - rekzkarz