Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Community: Youtube

Someone on the G+ MFZ Community asked about videos for MFZ, so I did some digging.

Captain's Challenge Day 4 -- I've posted this before in my Community section.
Captain's Challenge Day 5 -- Apparently there's a sequel.  :-)

An interview with Malcolm Craig & Joe Murphy, which I've already posted a link to in a previous blog entry.

Here's a whole game from Ced23ric on the Hangar.  It is in German though.

Here's an animated view of one of Ced23ric's frames.

Here's a few from a young kid.  He sounds pretty enthusiastic.  Give 'em a look.
Cannon Shell
Assault Spy
Swamp Knifer

Last but not least.  A video about terrain for MFZ.

That seems to be about all there is.

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