Friday, January 4, 2013

The Ruler, Revisited

In this post I talked about seeing the Ruler in action for the first time.  Back on Christmas Eve I got to actually use one for the first time myself.  Sometime between here and here I figured out that I could make a Ruler out of Hinge Plates -- which I have quite a few of -- and 1x4 Plates instead of Hinge Bricks.  I did replace the last two sets of plates with 2 Yellow Hinge bricks -- the rest of the Ruler was Light Blay -- to represent a movement of 7 or 8.

As the table we were using was 36"x36" we decided that Direct Fire range would be 9".  This translated into six sections of the Ruler.  This meant that a mech in the middle of the table could cover a circle 18" across.  It also meant that a mech at the edge of Direct Fire range could cover the entire distance with a roll of 6 on a Green D6.

You can see the Ruler in the above picture, in the lower right-hand corner.

The only real change between using a tape measure and the Ruler is that you were moving 1.5" per unit instead of 1".  It made movement across the table a little quicker.  There weren't any truly massive jumps but, I think there was a roll of 7 -- by a mech with a Green D8 -- at some point during the game.

I'll probably continue using the Ruler.  There seems no reason to switch back to tape measures especially as I've figured out how to make them from parts I have in large quantities.