Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: 30251 Winzar's Pack Patrol Polybag

I have a couple of set 30251 Winzars' Pack Patrol so I figured I'd do a review.  This set was available at Target for $3.99.  It has 38 pieces.

Here's the bag it all comes in.

These are the parts you get with the set.  As you can see there are a fair amount of clips that will come in handy in building mecha.  The "bladed tonfa" pieces are always fun.  The minifig skis can be used in interesting ways.  I haven't had a chance to use the stubby bracket yet, and cheese slopes are always handy.  The giant bone might be tough to incorporate into a build though.

This is the minifig and instructions for the set.  I think the mask/helmet/headpiece could make an interesting face for a mecha.

At a ratio of roughly $0.11 per piece, this set is a little outside my purchasing comfort zone.  I'm going to give it an A-.

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