Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scenario Idea

One of the things I've been mulling over since PAX East 2013 is a scenario that would lend itself to a quick demo of Mobile Frame Zero.  Thanks to a recent airplane trip I may have a scenario, just not the one I need.

Official Lego minifig scale airplanes tend to be a little on the large side.  They are also mainly constructed from large pieces that do not interact well with the damage rules.  Let's just use this one as an example.  Now, imagine that problem with the damage rules was eliminated by making the plane into a station.  Yup, you heard right, the plane is now something that no longer takes damage and something the players will fight over.  You combine that with something like Mechatonic's Spaceport Battle and you just might have something that people will talk about for a while.  Personally, I'd love to have this beast in the middle of the table.  Of course if I'd bought the Indiana Jones Flying Wing while it was in stores, that would be awesome too.

The other alteration to the rules is that each player now only has one station.  Points Per are figured out as usual.  Placement is a little different in that no-one can control the plane (station) in the center of the table but otherwise it still follows the same procedure.  It also might be worth extra points for future scenarios or for the campaign -- if you're doing that sort of thing.

The only problem I can think of at the moment is making sure you have a big enough table.


  1. Now, if the whole plane is a station, how does that work for cover? Clearly it's big enough for a frame to hide behind. Is it now just indestructible cover?

    I've not figured that part out yet myself... How to bend the rules for "massive stations".

    What are your rules for interacting with gigantic stations?

    1. Like I said above, the large pieces of the plane don't interact well with the damage rules. Making it indestructible cover isn't the answer either as that would slow down the game as everyone would hide behind it. Making it transparent to Ranged fire might be the best solution.

    2. "It is tall enough to fire under it" thus altering the cover rules