Monday, June 24, 2013

TMOH: Microscale Vehicles

In this post, I mentioned my like of building microscale vehicles.  Now it occurs to me that I haven't really shown you any pictures of said vehicles here on the blog.  Well, maybe a link or two but does that really count?

A pair of '50s style jet cars.  This is an awful picture I really have to re-take.

An attempt at a sci-fi version of a McLaren F-1.  Like the original wasn't sci-fi enough.

Something a little more normal looking.  This is meant to be a 20' tanker truck.

These are my absolute favorite builds when it comes to vehicles.  It's a shame they're out of scale with everything else I've constructed.  Another picture I need to re-take.

There's a few of mine.  Have you built any microscale vehicles lately?