Friday, April 18, 2014

PAX East 2014 Pictures

Here are a bunch of pictures from PAX East 2014.  Some I took myself, some I tracked down online.

Board Games! by Jason Mckim.  Yeah, that's the back of my head.  :-)

The Booth!

Demo on Day 1.
Demo on Day 1.

Waiting for Alpha Bandit on Day 2.

PAX East 2014 First Day Pictures by Flavio Mortarino.
PAX East 2014 Second Day Pictures by Flavio Mortarino.
PAX East 2014 Last Day pictures by Flavio Mortarino.

Demo on Day 3.
Demo on Day 3
And  now some pictures from my phone.
Demo on Day 1
Setting up for Alpha Bandit.

Free Colonies ships.
Solar Union ships.
Solar Union and Free Colonies fleets.
Ijad Ship.
Alpha Bandit set-up.
MFZ demo Day 2.

Alpha Bandit battle!

Joshua demonstrating, Day 3,

"This is a ruler."

Joshua, Flakmaniak, Vlad, and Ryan.

Day 2 picture from Flickr.
Another Day 2 picture from Flickr.
An entirely different game of MFZ that I knew nothing about.


  1. Oh hey, that "entirely different game" is the one my friends and I played. Man, that was an awesome game.

    1. Did you guys stop by the booth and say "hi"? Where in the hall were you playing 'cause I didn't see you at all when I wandered about.

    2. I did, at the very least; you can see I'm playing with the Von Classington company that I showed off at the demo table the previous day.

      We were pretty far back, just beyond the rectangular tourney tables. Table space was limited, especially with the table sizes required for MF0, so we basically had to go with the first table we could find.