Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PAX East Observations 2014

1.) I'm definitely going to bring business cards next year.
2.) Maybe we should have t-shirts for the MFZ demo crew?
3.) I'm going to take time next year to actually look at stuff, not just wander around aimlessly.
4.) I'm going to play some games next year too.
5.) I need to keep track of the condition of my voice next year.  Considering how wrecked my voice got this year, I may have to impose periods of no talking on myself next year.
6.) Have a full game of MFZ set up, in addition to the demo games, so we can show what one looks like.
7.) MFZ: Alpha Bandit aces are powerful, scary, and game-changing.
8.) I need to play more games of MFZ:AB so I can explore the tactical space it creates.
9.) One drawback to attending PAX East is that I want to talk more about PAX East and MFZ on Monday and I have to go back to work.
10.) If I attend for three days again next year, I'm taking Monday off to recover.
11.) I barely cracked my Demo bag open the entire con.  We used Joshua's stuff for the regular MFZ demo and the ships I built for the Alpha Bandit demo along with a couple of other items.
12.) I want to set more definite dinner plans with people next year so we can actually spend time together outside of the con for a little while.
13.) I'm going to get my panel entry in right after submissions open next year.
14.) As far as I can tell, anyone who chose the team with the Artillery mech for their demo of MFZ did not win.
15.) I'm going to get together a crew of my geeky friends to attend next year.
16.) I'm going to make better attempts at showing up on time next year.  11am or later does not really cut it.

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