Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sales Alert

Target is running a 20% off Creator, City, Disney Princess, and Duplo sale this week. That means that a majority of the sets I listed here will be at really good prices.  Also, 71003 Equila's Ultra Striker is 50% off.

I really should have done this earlier but I've been distracted by preparing for PAX East.  I didn't realize how good the sale really was until I visited my local Target last night.


  1. Awesome tip Mr. Bull. I hardly ever look at Target for bricks since purchases don't earn me VIP points, ao this is a much needed bulletin.

    I hope that you get to meet a lot of awesome people up at PAX this weekend. Sad that I won't be one of them. Will you be posting updates of your Bostonian adventures?

    1. Yup, just like last year, I'll post pictures and post-con thoughts.