Friday, May 16, 2014

Travel Demo Kit

Here's a few pictures of the Travel Bag I use for MFZ.

This is a Plano FTO Elite KVD signature tackle bag.  Tends to run ~$70.00 at Walmart.  I got mine for $35.00 or so on Clearance.

These are the contents of the bag at the moment.  Five dice bricks, two rule books, a camera, several rulers, six Soren style houses, two buildings of my own design, a few BURPS, five demo companies (3 boxed, 2 bagged), a bunch of Stations, a small tackle box (containing dice, Station flags, and other assorted items), and loose bricks for scenery/cover.  All that and I still have left over space for more items.

What's your Travel Kit like?


  1. Woah, that gate in the back there is pretty awesome. What brick did you use for the outside rim there?

  2. n00b question: what are BURPS?