Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lego Ideas

The old Lego Cuusoo project has ended its beta phase and been re-branded as Lego Ideas.  MFZ and Cuusoo didn't always have the best relationship.  That doesn't mean the community can't support ideas that would give us creations that would be of good use in MFZ.  One of the mechs that I featured in my Non-Human 10 post has been put up for consideration.  I think the Box Bot deserves our support.  It's a fun idea and would make a great Lego set.

Here are a few other projects that look good for MFZ as well.
Mini Troopers.  Yeah, these would fit in a MFZ game.
First Responder D.  These would make for some good scenery pieces.
Steel Brothers - Steel Blade.  This look slike something I'd design.
Micro Mechs - Pocket Models.  The idea behind this is great, collectible microscale mechs to trade and battle with in the schoolyard.  MFZ writ small!

I've supported all of these.  I'll have to keep an eye open and see if there are any more we can throw our support behind.

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  1. The First Responder D models bare striking similarity to Ironsniper's drones ( Thoughts?