Monday, June 2, 2014

Single Set Challenge: 31144 Transformers Bumblebee Set

Here's a compilation of all the builds I did as part of my SSC for the Kre-O 31144 Transformers Bumblebee Set.

This is the one I started with and prefer out of all the builds from this set.
MFZ Stats: 2Rh+d8 (big fists) / 2B (armored panels) / 2W
Brickshelf gallery.

I call this guy "Skinny", 'cause he is.  It looks like a good place to start but nothing really special.

An attempt at a Station.  Yeah, it's pitiful.

The fourth, and last, build from this set is called "Laser Hands".  Yeah, the name's silly but I like this build better then the "Skinny".
MFZ Stats: 2Rd+d8 (laser hands) / 2B (shoulder armor) / 2W.

Most of these have appeared in my review of this set and all have been featured in my Flickr stream.

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