Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Anime

There's been a bit of discussion lately, on some of the different sites I frequent, about a handful of new mecha anime series.  I figured I'd share them with you as I haven't been watching much in the way of Giant Robot/Real Robot anime recently.

The first is Aldnoah.Zero.  The plot is that history diverged in 1972 and we settled Mars.  That settlement eventually became the Vers Empire which declared war on Earth.  In 1999 a ceasefire was declared.  At the start of the show the Vers Empire has started attacking Earth again.  It's available on Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc.

The second is Argevollen.  This one features a long running war between two countries and a new super mecha.  It's available on Crunchyroll.  I watched most of the first episode and the mecha designs look pretty neat.

The last is Knights of Sidonia.  It's set in the far future where the ship Sidonia may carry the last remnants of the human race.  Giant mecha, called Guardians, defend humanity from the Gauna, a gigantic, alien, shapeshifting race.  It is only on Netflix.

I hope you enjoy these shows.

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