Monday, July 28, 2014

Non-Human 13

Let's try to end out the month strong.

nayk by Bezor-1.  Kinda spindly, and it requires some modding,
but it looks different than most mech designs out there.

Red Anansi by Toto Hermanto.  Yeah, way to big for the nominal
MFZ scale, but the use of color and presentation is great.

Think Tanks - East vs. West by Bricksky.  An interesting
look at color and size to differentiate two similar builds.

Drones by Sean Sikula.  Slap a couple of these on a base
and you'd have a decent Dispersed Systems Frame.

DL-53 "Adamant" by LowestFormOf Wit.  LFOW comes
storming back with this excellent little number.

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