Friday, July 11, 2014

Non-Human 12

Here's a few non-human mech designs to brighten up your day.

 JEP.3 by Legomania.  A neat little quad drone.

Chasm Riot Control by {Stride.  And
this is the one that inspired it.

Alien Cottage by lisqr.  This one is just fantastic.

BattleCrabBot by Groovybones.  The Brickarms minigun
might be hard for some people to get, but, other than
that, this would look great stomping around a table.

Daemon Inferno Mechanika by Ironweasel.  Ironweasel strikes again! The flame pieces in the head and tail might be a bit fiddly for game play, but a pack of these would look real nice on the table.

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