Monday, April 27, 2015

Battle Report: Bunker Battle

Blorf and MRaichelson were in Massachusetts for assorted reasons and managed to meet up with some of the usual suspects at the Hobby Bunker in Malden, MA for a game of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.  These are the results.

The point totals for the beginning of the game were as follows:
MRaichelson (5 frames & 19 systems) = (7 points per asset) * (7 assets) = 49 points.
Me (5 frames & 20 systems) = (6 Points per asset) * (7 assets) = 42 points.
Blorf (6 frames & 23 systems) = (4 points per asset) * (8 assets) = 32 points.
Tom (6 frames & 24 systems) = (3 points per asset) * (8 assets) = 24 points.

Here's the board layout at the start of the game.  I started out near MRaichelson on the left side of the table.  Tom and Blorf started at opposite corners of the right side of the table.

Events of Turn 1 (DDC@11):
A lot of posturing and movement by all players.  I attacked MRaichelson, Blorf attacked MRaichelson, and Tom attacked Blorf.  No frames were destroyed but several were damaged.  One of my frames was reduced to just white dice after a strike from Blorf's HtH specialist frame.

End of Turn 1 pictures.
MRaichelson: 49 points.
Me: 42 points.
Blorf: 32 points.
Tom: 24 points.

Events of Turn 2 (DDC@9):
The heat was turned up in this round as MRaichelson lost a frame and a station to me.  I then lost one of my frames.  Blorf and Tom also jockeyed for position.

End of Turn 2 pictures.
Me: 42 points.
MRaichelson: 35 points.
Blorf: 32 points.
Tom: 24 points.

Events of Turn 3 (DDC@6):
This is when the balance finally tipped and all hell broke loose.  MRaichelson reclaimed his station but lost a frame.  I lost another frame as well.  Tom and Blorf began to consolidate their forces towards their side of the table

End of Turn 3 pictures.
MRaichelson: 35 points.
Blorf: 32 points.
Me: 30 points.
Tom: 24 points.

Events of Turn 4 (DDC@3):
Things went from bad to worse.  I lost another frame but captured one of MRaichelson's stations.  MRaichelson also lost another station to Tom.  On top of that he lost two frames.  Tom and Blorf got into a dust-up over Blorf's stations but no frames were lost over them.  Blorf clicked the DDC down to 1 and I decided to click it down to 0 because I couldn't see a quick way to win and we were running out of time.

End of Turn 4 pictures.
Blorf: 32 points.
Me: 30 points.
Tom: 27 points.
MRaichelson: 7 points.

Here were the stations that were most contested.  This was a hard fought game and I believe Blorf said, "You guys have made me think more about this game than any other I've played."

Thoughts & Observations:

  • We used Environmental Systems for this game.  The Blue felt areas were considered water and you needed an Environmental system to operate fully within them.
  • The Environmental Systems ended up not having that much impact on the game that we could see.
  • We also switched from full buildings to partial walls for this game.  It was pretty satisfying seeing all the broken terrain at the end of the game.
  • The Hobby Bunker is a good location for a game.  We'd be willing to go back if any of the Eastern Massachusetts MoF0s would be interested in a game.  Hint, hint.
  • There were several people who came over and took a look at the game while we were playing.  A few expressed interest, including a couple of store employees.
  • It was great meeting Blorf again, and MRaichelson for the first time.  It was also great getting to game with both of them.


  1. I noticed the tokens next to each frame. I'm guessing that they denote stat blocks, but I'm wondering what the system is. Could you explain how you differentiate between d8's, either red or green, and also weapon types?