Monday, April 6, 2015

Build Journal: Butterfly Knights

Like my previous Build Journal, I'm refurbishing an old Frame.  In this case though, it's a whole squad of Frames.

My Butterfly Knight design is an interesting one but it has its flaws.  One, it's too flimsy -- the arms fall off at the slightest provocation.  Two, it's not exactly big enough in the torso for a pilot at 6P or 7P which is the scale at which I generally work.  I also wasn't that happy with the hips on them.

So this is essentially a rebuild.  I'm keeping the shoulders, the head, and the basic color scheme, but everything else is getting changed.

Let's start with the skeleton, this will be the core that everything is built out from.  As you can see, I decided to go with the new Mixel joints.  Mainly because the Ball Joint/Axle piece will slot nicely into the shoulder pauldron.  The Mixel joints will also give this revision a range of movement that wasn't possible with the original.  It will also allow for larger and more mobile feet which will make this upgrade more stable on the gaming table.

Orange.  As you can see, the pauldrons slot onto the shoulder
joints and the arms extend down from the pauldrons.
Brickshelf gallery.

Yellow.  The Clip Tile on the shoulder will be where a SSR attaches, once I figure out what they're going to look like for this squad.  Something you can't quite see in this picture is the two "jet engine" pieces mounted on the back.  I had several in the right color and they look good as part of the mech.

Red.  The rock-like chest piece is going to act as a defensive attachment for 1B.  The pylon on the left shoulder is for additional attachments.
Brickshelf gallery.

Here's a comparison shot of the old and new designs with a Chub for scale reference.

Now I feel confident in bringing this squad to the table.  After I get enough arms...

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