Friday, August 7, 2015

Lego Ideas 5

Another batch of Ideas for you to ruminate over.

Mini Firetruck by LegoDragon213.  This has 4P people, but I think it's a little large for that scale.  Other than that it should make for good terrain.

Emissary by Legofire772.  A sci-fi battlesuit made with an abundance of Mixel joints.

Microscale Jurrasic Park by Senteosan.  I'm not normally a fan of IP tie-ins, but this could make some fun terrain for our mecha to stomp through.

Flying Mobile Frame Zero by DrJ29014.  It's a set of Chubs.  Get behind this people!

As always I've supported everything on this list.


  1. I'm concerned that I don't see anything official in the way of approval/support from Soren/Joshua for the Chubs.

    1. I'm not sure they knew about it before I posted it on my blog. I only found out two days ago after doing a random search.