Friday, January 20, 2017

Random Starships 4

It's Friday and I'm feeling lazy so let's do a picture post.

Dispatch by Paul Vermeesch.  This doesn't feature any combat
vessels but, the ships in this picture could be used for HVAs
and the drones could be used as a Frame Squad representation.

This is purpose built for Intercept Orbit.

Millenium Falcon - Microscale by Riskjockey.  It's complex and the
size of an IO Cruiser but, who wouldn't want this on their game table?

Courier Shuttle by lemon_boy.  This is more than twice as long
as a Frigate but, it has some interesting techniques, greebles,
and color use that could be re-purposed into smaller designs.

Micro GARC Racer 327 by SpearralSquid.  This might meet
the overall length for a Frigate.  I love the use of Purple.

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