Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PAX East Observations 2017

My thoughts and observations from the con this year.
1.) I only managed to attend for two days this year.
2.) I didn't give out any business cards this year. They're still in storage from the move.
3.) I saw a lot of cool cosplay costumes this year.  I only managed to get one picture though.
4.) We managed to get in another full game of MFZ on Saturday this year, it just happened to be a Minifig scale game.
5.) I didn't do any demoing of Intercept Orbit this year.  A few people asked about it so I may do so next year.
6.) I'm still thinking about changing the contents of my demo bag. Lugging that much plastic to and from the con is taxing.  Although I'm usually providing extra frames to people so they can play.
7.) I managed to have dinner with my booth-mates after the con floor closed on Friday
8.) Two years ago my friend Ron came up with a great idea for little "care packages". Anyone who plays a demo gets a little baggie with a business card, Lego brick, and a six-sided die. I'll try and implement that next year.
9.) I'm still thinking about having Friday be my "me" day next year. The crowds are slightly less and there's less impetus to "get it all in" before the con closes.
10.) I need a bunch of business cards from Mike Raichelson for his website to hand out as I spend a lot of time talking about his site.
11.) I still want a MFZ hockey jersey.
12.) I feel like I had a better time this year and I was more focused on MFZ.
13.) Having a partner to tag team demos with helped a lot.  One of us could run the demo and the other could talk to passers-by.
14.) As always, it was great to see everyone, all the friends I've made because of the con and my friends from outside the con.

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