Thursday, October 25, 2018


Back in May of this year it was announced that Lego teaming was with Blizzard to create sets for the Overwatch video game.

After that came a teaser video for Overwatch minifigs.

Almost two weeks ago information was released of a Blizzard exclusive set, Omnic Bastion.  At 182 pieces for $25 USD this was more than a little disappointing.

Monday night spoiler images of the new sets broke.  The Brick Fan.  Brothers Brick.  Brickset.

Unfortunately the two sets that might be of interest to the community are on the larger, more expensive side.  75973 D.Va & Reinhardt ($39.99, 455 pieces) and 75974 Bastion ($49.99, 602 pieces) are both under the Golden Ratio but a little expensive for a casual purchase.

Let's hope there will be more interesting sets for the MFZ crowd in the future.

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