Monday, October 8, 2018

Post Game Interview 3

I broke out the questionnaires at the last game because Narbey hadn't had the chance to fill one out yet.

Here are the questions I asked.

1.) Why did you choose the squad composition and size that you brought to today's game?
Chuck: I thought I should try to optimize a bit for points.
Narbey: I like artillery.
Tom: Wanted to use my new guys, wanted to be offensive, went down a System to try and squeeze an extra PPA point.
Me: I wanted to test a theory about a new squad composition we had discussed after the game at Greenfield Games.

2.) Did you have a strategy for today's game?
Chuck: Yes, of course I did.
Narbey: No.
Tom: Yes.
Me: Yes.

2a.) If so, what was it?
Chuck: Don't suck.
Narbey: It involved dragons but dragons are not allowed.
Tom: All out offense, utter destruction.
Me: Run Away.

3.) Why did you place your squad on the table the way you did at the start of the game?
Chuck: Tried to keep them somewhat together, but I don't think it will work very well.
Narbey: Put most Frames behind cover.  Should have put Station and artillery behind cover like Chuck.
Tom: I attempted to set up close to the center, so I could make a ??? ??? to all players, but Occam's Spork stuck some guys behind me requiring me to place guys back there to deal with him.
Me: I wanted to push everyone out as far away from me as possible.

4.) Did your strategy for today's game change at any point while we were playing?
Chuck: Yes.
Tom: Not really changed, but I wasn't able to execute it well.
Me: Not really

4a.) If so, how?
Chuck: I tried to take the center Station, and was able to hold it, but I lost too many Frames for it to make a difference.
Tom: Occam's Spork rolled really well in the 1st round, dealt damage to my guy and I didn't really do much to him.  That slowed me down and I spent the whole second round ??? at his guys.  So I wasn't able to attack other players like I needed to do.

5.) Any personal comments you'd like to add?
Me: This was a very interesting game with a lot of idiosyncrasies.

The answers I received are under the corresponding questions.  Any mistakes in reporting are mine.  Occam's Spork declined to answer, citing it would give away his secret to victory in this game.

I hope this gives some insight to the strategy and tactics of the Sand & Trees game.

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