Sunday, March 25, 2012

Building: The Chub

The first thing people generally do for Mobile Frame Zero is build mechs, even before reading the rules :-).  If you're not used to building with Lego putting the small parts together in an attractive and functional manner can be frustrating.  I'll try and help by looking at breakdowns of the official frames, naming some parts, and walking through the assembly process.

Here's the breakdown of the Chub that Soren sent me.

The thing that confused me the most was how the arms attached to the body.  The Bar 1L w/Clip Mechanical Claw which attaches to the Tap 1x1 inside the torso is a little hard to see in the photos of the assembled mech.  It drove me nuts for the longest time. Before I received the assembly instructions I even came up with an alternate attachment device using Minifig Utensil Handlebars.

Here's a look at the base model that I assembled.

Can everyone see how that goes together?

Here's a few variations on the theme.

UMFL 4th (Syrene) Brigade, Recon Commandos by Jed September.  As always this shows good use of color, main and accents, and additional parts to change the look from the base model.  If you take a close look at the head, you can see it's attached a little differently than the standard model.

Blue Squad by Viro-M.  An excellent variation on the head along with a unified color scheme.

Red Unit "Kingfisher" by Ironsniper.  And here we can see where Viro-M got the inspiration for the heads on his mechs.
Salvage Chub by Ross Varn.  This shows good use of putting together a mech with the parts that you have on hand.

ST07W-WACKY by SchoonPine.  This shows how adding parts to a basic Chub frame can change the look of the frame.

Commander Foss' Custom ST-10 by Joshua A.C. Newman.  Here we see one of the first Chub mods by one of the creators of Mobile Frame Zero.  It uses additional parts and a unified color scheme to set it apart from the base model.

Legionnaire Koenig's ST-07 by Joshua A.C. Newman.  Another Chub mod by J.  Not that heavily modified, just a variant chest piece and an altered head.  An extra weapon and a unified color scheme help to make it different.

Hopefully this gives everyone a good look at how the Chub frame is assembled and some ideas on how to modify it to make your frames more unique.


  1. Awesome detailed look at the Chub, thanks! Looking forward to more posts.

  2. Thanks! The Chub seems to be the breakout "Modders Special" of the new official frames that Soren made.

  3. Thanks for the pics! As I mentioned on the Kickstarter, these actually helped me to reverse engineer the Chub from sight in LDD. Definitely a great help.

  4. What's the "massive" centerpiece? I don't recognize it.

  5. The torso is comprised of several pieces. A Technic, Brick 1x2 w/Hole is the base and connects to the "pelvis". The front of the chest is a Slope, Curved 2x2 Lip, No Studs (or some variation thereof) backed by a Plate 2x2. Sandwiched in between are two Tap 1x1. The back is composed of one Plate, Modified 1x2 w/Handle on Side - Free Ends and one Plate 1x2.

  6. The ST-10 by Joshua Newman is an osprey, not a chub. It says that in the rulebook, which has instructions for the chub and the osprey.

    1. Maybe in game lore it's an Osprey but at its core the Frame is a Chub.