Monday, March 26, 2012

Building: The Conscript & The Commisar

The first thing people generally do for Mobile Frame Zero is build mechs, even before reading the rules :-).  If you're not used to building with Lego putting the small parts together in an attractive and functional manner can be frustrating.  I'll try and help by looking at breakdowns of the official frames, naming some parts, and walking through the assembly process.

The Conscript and the Commisar are basically the same frame.  You could call the Commisar the younger, but bigger, brother of the Conscript.  Why is it that younger brothers are always bigger?  Heh.  Moving on...

Here's the breakdown of the Commisar that Soren Sent me.

The hard part for me to decipher was the back pack.  The torso of the mech is two 1x1 Plate, Modified w/Clip Light (Thick Ring).  Two more of these are attached to the top one with the clips facing backwards.  This shifts the orientation into the vertical axis and the backpack builds both up and down from this point.  It looks like the central brick of the backpack is a 1x2 Technic Brick w/Holes mounted on top of a "Jumper" Plate.  The Jumper Plate is mounted on the clips.

Does everyone understand that?

I'm in the middle of building my own Commisar and I already have a Conscript assembled.  Unfortunately I don't have any single pictures of either.  Hopefully I can remedy that in the next couple of days.

So far there hasn't been a lot of modding done with this frame.

MLF-002 Prometheus by FoxhoundSe7en.  This shows a Commisar with additional weapons.

However, there is one person that's been doing a great deal of work with this frame.  He is DrWatsman / Dr.Watsman.

Bottom Right: Wasps by DrWatsman.

These three pictures show a portion of what he's done with the Conscript frame.  Spend some time perusing his Flickr stream, you won't regret it.


  1. >Does everyone understand that?

    Almost. Would you feel comfortable posting either .ldr or photos of it a little more broken down?

    1. I'll try and break it down for you. If the weather cooperates I'll be able to take a few pictures today.

  2. Yes, I would second the request, please. I really like this design but it's the one I'm having the most trouble reverse engineering because it's hardest to see the individual pieces of the torso.