Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spotlight: Paradox Boy

I know it's a little early in the lifetime of my blog to be doing a spotlight piece but, I feel this man does not get enough credit.  He posts as ParadoxBoy over on the RPG.net Forums -- Seriously, why are the rest of you not there?  You saw how many discussions threads from there I linked to in my first post. -- and deathischeap on Photobucket.  He's always has a kind word to say about your creations and fresh ideas if you ask for them.  He's also prolific, dear lord is he prolific.  I have it straight from him that he has LDD open for most of the day on his desktop.  He's even made a status sheet for MFZ.  In fact, the only bad thing I can say about him is that he's not on Flickr.  Dude!  Whay are you not on Flickr?  It's where the action is!

Edited to add:  He now has a Flickr account.

Enough chatting him up, let's look at his work.

His first creation.
His second.
A nice hovertank.

His Gnome frame. 

This is his second LDD design, the Sylph Mk.2.
The Dao, seen above, is when he starts hitting his stride.

The Gryphon.
The Minotaur.

The Salamander.

The Garuda
And his latest creation, the Kappa.

Go.  Now.  Look at his creations.  There's a large number of them I did not include in this Spotlight article.

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  1. He works on such a small scale it's easy to overlook his designs but there is some really good work in there. A lot of the stuff I've been seeing lately is more flashy, but I like his simplicity. It got me excited to build some smaller, simpler frames.