Monday, October 21, 2013

April Fools (Part 1)

I managed to get in a game back in April -- hence the post title -- against my friend Stevenik and new friend Tom.  Let's be plain about this.  I got my ass kicked.  I tried out a new team and I did not set up all that well.

Stevenik started out as Primary Defender, I was Primary Attacker, Tom was somewhere in between.

As you can see we all started pretty spread out over the table.  We all had five frames, just differing amounts of attachments.

Turn 1

Here's the aftermath of the first turn.  Stevenik has lost one frame and I've re-taken one of my stations.

Turn 2

Aftermath of turn two.  As you can see in the last picture, there's beginning to be a pile-up by one of Stevenik's stations.  I've lost one of my Death Drones and forces have shifted on the field of battle.

Turn 3

The aftermath of turn three.  I'm still holding off Stevenik's forces while Tom gets involved in the scrum by one of Stevenik's stations.  I've got a damaged Death Drone and one of Stevenik's frames is damaged.

Stay tuned for the next entry to see how the battle ended.

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