Friday, October 25, 2013

Spotlight: PasuKaru76

Pascal is a prolific and talented builder who's Flickr stream literally runs on for pages.  Let's look at some of his work.

COG.  The first creation of his that got my attention.  I built a pair of these myself.  They're very sturdy.  You could probably toss them against the wall without breaking them.

Grunt Mk.1/Mk.2.  His first attempt to create a "generic" frame similar to the Chub.

Groundhog.  The second of Pasukaru76's attempts at a "generic" frame.

Black Widow Company.  A bunch of Battletech mechs in microscale.  These are not his only ones.  Seek them out.

Shorty Mk.2  The third of Pasukaru76's "generic" frames.  MittenNinja built a squad of these recently.

Reinventing the Wheel.  A recent creation -- small, but full of personality.

You really should look through his photos, he has a lot more than just mecha.  He really needs to sort them better though.  Just sayin'.

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