Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Build Journal: ST-15 Hephaestus

I was looking at MittenNinja's Design Journal 1 and DJ2 entries, and seeing as I'd already copied some of his work -- and having enough pictures of a build in progress -- I figured I'd jump on another bandwagon.

It all started with a leg.  It only has axes of motion at the top and the bottom, but it looks like it has a knee joint.  And in general it looks cool, so I was willing to stick with the design and find a torso to mate it with.

I added a body to it but that didn't work.  (Click over to the blog post to see a handful of pictures.)  The connection between the torso and the legs was only one stud and there was a half stud offset to the other connection point that I couldn't fix.  This led me to set it aside while I worked on other things, hoping that my subconscious would come up with a solution.

Then MittenNinja posted this and I figured I'd attempt to build it.  I wasn't really thinking about it beyond, "hey, that's cool, let's give it a try."

But then I grabbed the legs off the previous build after I finished the torso.  That led to this.  As you can see, I changed up some of the colors in the legs as the Light Bley and Red were two colors too many.

Here's how it all breaks down.  As you can see I used different clip pieces to attach the shoulders.  This lead to a different angle of attachment for the Handlebar piece.  Which then lead to a different set up for the head and a need to fill in the chest.  I also chose different pieces to make the arm as these were what I had on hand.
The name was a choice to continue on with the Greek god naming scheme established by the original frame.  As is the model number.  Now all I have to do is make some weapons for it.

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  1. Really neat. I was sure you could pull it off with the legs.