Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good Sets for Parts 6

Welcome to the giant edition of GSfP.  No, not because of how many sets we have but, because of how big the sets are!  I was going to post this later in the month, closer to the six month mark from the last GSfP post, but it is Bricktober and there are generally good sales during the month.  Hopefully you can get some good deals on these and other GSfP choices.

30224 Lawn Mower.  $3.99 for 42 pieces.  A couple of lampholders, a couple of gears, a couple of technic connectors, and a few other bits make this a fun polybag.

41013 Emma's Sports Car.  $14.99 for 159 pieces.  At $0.09 per piece, I think this is the first Friends set I've recommended.  Yellow, Green, Lavender, Lime, Magenta, and Tan pieces should be good for accents in frames.

75015 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.  $19.99 for 271 parts.  Every now and then, to keep us interested, Lego puts out a Star Wars set that's a great deal.

60025 Grand Prix Truck.  $29.97 for 315 pieces.  Lots of Green, Bley, and Black.

75016 Homing Spider Droid.  $29.99 for 295 pieces.  Another affordable Star Wars set

70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech.  $39.99 for 440 pieces.  Another mech, this one at $0.09 per piece.

70008 Gorzan's Gorilla Striker.  $49.99 for 505 parts.  Not only is it a giant mech, it's a fairly large set for $0.10 per piece.  Which you just don't see.  It's also full of really interesting parts, like thisand this.  So while it's a little larger than I like to recommend, it's going on the list.

70709 Galactic Titan.  $99.99 for 1012 parts.  Okay, this one is a really large set, but it's $0.10 per piece!

70010 The Lion Chi Temple.  $119.99 for 1258 parts.  Another giant set for $0.10 per part.


  1. Eradicator on peeron:

  2. You inspired me to pick up the Eradicator Mech at Walmart for $29. $0.065 per-piece made that set a must-grab. About 15% of the set is too large for MF0 kits, but even then I'm still only investing $0.078 per-piece. Still totally worth it.