Monday, December 16, 2013

Spotlight: darksyntax

This spotlight is going to be a little different from the others.  Darksyntax has taken to my Single Set Challenge like a duck to water.  It seems like he cranks out a new one every couple of weeks. 

Single Set Challenge: 75002.  A nice set of builds from a great Star Wars set.

Single Set Challenge: 6911.  A frame and a station from a small set.  Very nice.

Single Set Challenge: 40077.  At some point I will do a review of this TRU only set.

Single Set Challenge: 31005.  He hopped on this one after Gusindor posted his.

Single Set Challenge: 30240.  In my review I said that this set was only good for building a flying frame.  Darksyntax proves me wrong with this build.

Single Set Challenge: 30059.  Another polybag falls victim to darksyntax.

Single Set Challange:6177.  I've mentioned this one in a blog post before.

I think I may have missed one of his Single Set Challenge builds but, you shouldn't.  Check out his Flickr stream.


  1. Thanks for the Spotlight! Hopefully some of these will inspire potential new players past the somewhat daunting learning curve/cost of Lego buying and frame building.

    1. That's the point of the Single Set Challenge which you keep hitting out of the park. :-)