Monday, November 3, 2014

Non-Human 15

I'm feeling a little lazy after this weekend.

Orange Walker by Chris Maddison.  Why have
I not blogged about this yet?  It's adorable.

CK-7.4 by Genghis Don.  There's some great use of grey
and silver pieces to present a unified look with this mech.

Damn...Steps by Jesper Girl.  I suppose at some point
I would have to blog about Lego-built Daleks.  :-)

Cerberus by Max.  Another unfolding mecha,
similar to Boxbot or Pumpkin-bot.

Dronex by (FLAVIO).  The color really pops in this one.


  1. Nice finds! Flickr user Cole Blaq has been posting a series of great metallic mecha recently that are similar to CK-7.4.

    1. I know. You'll be seeing more on those later this week.