Monday, June 4, 2012

The Chub, Revisited

Since my post about building the Chub seems to be the most popular one on my blog -- it has 900+ views, 200 more than the nearest other topic -- I figured I'd take a look at more of the ways people have been customizing this frame.

Wilson Industries Chub Company by Carbonbass.  He's actually added knees to the design!

"Purity" Ijad Chub by True Mortality.  This one has a great use of color.

ST-07 SLC "Fat Snake" by MittenNinja.  A change of the feet and a slight reskin really changes the look of this Chub mod.

ST-07 Xyston Custom by XGundam05.  I really like that shield.

ST07 Chub, X Variant by Ced23Ric.  Look at those rocket launchers!

ST-19 "Reaver" by LowestFormOfWit.  A great use of color really sets this pair apart.

Aqua Chub by gatlinggouf927.  Look at those Trans-Green pieces!

ST-XO "Pizazz" by LowestFormOfWit.  A great use of Friends parts to make this Chub.

31st Orion Militia Salvaged Chubs by MittenNinja.  Another good looking set of Chubs by MittenNinja.

"Ares" by KyanosMoros.  A lot of Gundam influence here.

The Black Comet by me.  Hey, you can't expect me to pass up an opportunity to toot my own horn!


  1. Oh my God, the Aqua-Chub! Love it! :D

  2. Thanks for choosing some of my Chubs for this highlight! The Chub is just such an iconic frame for MFZ, and it practically begs to be customized. If I may, though, nominate another Chub variant for this highlight reel, Lord Dragon Master's Ijad Chub is one of the slickest looking Chubs I've yet to witness, unless this is a recent Chub works kind of thing!

  3. oh man my gf's Aqua chub is featured! Sweet, shes gonna freak out when i tell her lol, i'll toot my own horn here and post my own custom chub, the Seraph Paladin ^_______^

  4. oh man my gf's aqua chub made it on the list! shes gonna flip when i tell her :D also, since we share the flickr hopefully some my guys will make it next time lol

  5. Thanks for the highlight on the Xyston Custom! Seems everyone likes that shield :D