Monday, June 25, 2012

MFZ Primer 2

I started laying out the basics of MFZ in another post, here.  One thing we didn't touch on was the number of attachments you are allowed on a mech.  You can have two of any one attachment.  This leads us into special cases and the d8s.

If you have two weapons at one range, instead of rolling 4d6, you roll 2d6 + 1d8.  See below for how this looks at different ranges.

ImageImage Image is Overloaded Hand-to-Hand and is written 2Rh+d8.
d6Rdd6Rd Image is Overloaded Direct Fire and is written 2Rd+d8.

ImageImage Image is Overloaded Artillery and is written 2Ra+d8.

Image is a Single Shot Rocket (SSR) and you may have three of these for your entire unit. They are a 1d8 attack at Direct Fire range.

Now, if you don't have d6Rdd6Rd or ImageImage you get one of these Image, a free Green d8.  You can have Image by itself, which is written 1Gd8.  Or d6GImage which is written 1G+d8 or d6Gd6GImage which is written 2G+d8.

Beyond this we start getting into rule book territory, so unless people have a lot of questions this will bring the MFZ Primer series to a close.

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