Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Community, Once More

Over on his page, FullBroadsides.com, Thaddeus posted this;
"UPDATE Um. Wow. Because I put up a link to mfzgarage, he found out about me and posted a link to this page. I am, well, a 12 year old who has no kickstarter account, no email, no accounts on any forums, and has pretty much no money anyway. If you read this, Mantisking, then thanks a ton. You just increased the visitors of this site from perhaps 4 to anybody who reads your blog and clicks on the link. Thanks.

No problem, Thaddeus.  We're a small community and we have to stick together.  If we post links to each others' sites, blogs, forums, etc. we can drive activity and attendance to all sites upwards.  This activity should lead to more communication which should lead to a stronger community.  A stronger community leads to a greater flow of ideas and a stronger game overall.

Visit.  Talk.  Share.  We all win in the end.


  1. Thanks Mantis King!

    By the way, what do you think these blogs (MFZ Garage, Orion 6, and the Others) will function as
    when Joshua releases the game in a few weeks? I mean, will they continue to collect community new, publish latest notable builds, and give other tidbits? Or will they go largely defunct, only talking about the writers world or battle reports. As it is, most people can just have an overview page on the forum with no need for a blog.
    Anyway. Thanks.


    1. If you think about it, the rules have been available for several years as Mechaton. That hasn't stopped "No B.S., Just ABS" from existing all this time. When the new version of the game finally hits we should see another explosion of new players and an increased traffic rate. As to how long that lasts is anyone's guess.

    2. I wonder how much community interaction Joshua will have for the flood of new recruits when the game comes. For example; right now, Soren and the others have a project making a Star Map for the game showing how everyone's colonies are related in location; but will newcomers get the chance to have their worlds, their ideas and hacks published, in the book or in a supplement? And supplements! I'm REALLY interested to see where Joshua takes supplements! I wouldn't be surprised to see an Orion 6 mini book with history of the planet and the serpent, with instructions for the Naga and the Copperhead and the Anaconda-Joshua might also be having tactical and strategy books (maybe your stuff!), or rules additions or all that good stuff. But how much will Joshua take from the community; I guess I'm just trying to say that we might be in the sweet spot when we could still, theoretically, say, add an official 'Frame.
      Sorry for my long rambling posts.
      (And you don't have to answer this; you aren't Joshua, and this is just a little chunk of community interaction for me because I don't have an email address to get on the forum.)

    3. Josh has been pretty open about wanting to make this game, and producing supplements for it, accessible to everyone that wants to and is willing to follow the guidelines he set forth.

      And why don't you have an e-mail address? There are plenty of free e-mail address systems.

    4. I don't have an email address because, well, I'm 12. I have a website because its hosted under my dads name and I'm learning to HTML code on it-pretty soon I hope to start CSS. I like to program, (this really comes out in my world at my mfz page, Thesis,)and my website is sorta an extension of that.
      In the meantime, I have a website! My parents will let me get an email address and credit card and a car and a phone when their actually necessary.