Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Soren Creations

Looks like Soren just got a big shipment of Friends parts.

The I-ST-o4E Super Strider by Soren Roberts.  This looks to be the main ranged combat unit of the squad.

The I-ST-04EH Super Strider Artillery by Soren Roberts.  The artillery unit of the squad.

I-ST-05B Slammer Solidblade by Soren Roberts.  This looks to be the melee specialist of the squad.

I'd love to see the Mobile Frame Zero stats of these babies.

I have no idea who these are for but, they look great.


  1. Oh, these aren't for someone else. These are mine. Also, I've updated things a bit - I'm deploying two Slammers now.

    1. They're yours? Cool. Ah, it looks like I have to update the main picture at some point.

    2. Yeah, just showing off the stuff I made for myself. Which now has stats, if that's motivational towards updatery.

  2. Those slammers are by far my favorites.

  3. The Super Strider Artillery look a bit top heavy, the way I generally like artillery to look. I mean, when you have a little rinky-dink piece of scrap metal yipping around its hard to believe that it could utterly obliterate any hints of life in some corner of the map even if its stats indicate it has two artillery attachments.