Friday, January 31, 2014

Good Sets for Parts 7

It's only been three months since the last GSfP, but it's just about time for all the new sets for 2014 to hit the shelves.

70123 Lion Legend Beast.  120 pieces for $9.99.  A lot of tan pieces plus new mini-ball joints.  All that for $0.08 per piece?  Nice.

70127 Wolf Legend Beast.  110 pieces for $9.99.  And this one's $0.09 per piece.  Lot's of white, plus light bley and silver.

31019 Forest Animals.  272 pieces for $19.99.  Hinges, brackets, clip plates, bar plates, black brown bley, tan, and other colors all for $0.07 per piece.

31021 Furry Creatures.  285 pieces for $19.99.  Similar to the set above, this one is more black and bley though.  Still for $0.07 per piece.

31014 Power Digger.  64 pieces for $4.99.  A decent amount of hinge type pieces, this set could work well as terrain at 7P scale, and it's $0.08 per piece.

60059 Logging Truck.  228 pieces for $19.99  A bunch of fun pieces, plus a new one, in predominantly green and brown.  It's $0.09 per piece though.

76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase.  304 pieces for $29.99.  $0.10 per piece for a wide range of brackets and slopes in black and bley.

70723 Thunder Raider.  334 pieces for$29.99.  The only one of the current crop of Ninjago sets that is anywhere near affordable.  It has plenty of clip plates and other interesting parts for $0.09 per piece.

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