Monday, January 27, 2014

Spotlight: Pierre E. Fiesche

This was originally going to be a "Terrain & Scenery" post.  Then I realized I had chosen all my photos from Pierre Fiesche.  Pierre has been around the Lego community for a while.  He's done a lot of very interesting microscale work as well as some very fascinating spaceships.

Tracer L.A.V. by Pierre E. Fiesche.  You can see the Minifig Trophy used as a scale marker.  Still, this looks as if it can be used at 7P scale.

Spade F.C.V. by Pierre E. Fiesche.  Similar design and size to the one above.

"Ox" Light Module Transport by Pierre E. Fiesche.  As you can see by the Tracer in the background, this is in the same scale as the other two vehicles.

GRUNT Light Assault Vehicle by Pierre E. Fiesche.  There's a lot of NPU in this picture.

All of these designs would make great terrain or stations.  You should check out the rest of his Flickr stream.  There's some fantastic work there.

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