Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Video Instructions

In a change of pace for the new year, let's look at videos that show us how to build microscale mecha.

Lego Mech + Instructions.  It's a fairly interesting build, the creator says he doesn't play MFZ but does build a lot in our scale range.  Which just confuses me.  I have featured his videos before on my links page.

Mini Lego Robot Instructions.  This video shows the construction of five mechs.  They're small and kind of simple.

How to Create Awesome Lego Weapons.  A video featuring the construction of some weapons.  A lot of the pictures are blurry.  Both this and the previous video feature music rather than a voice over like the first.

Lego How-to 2: Heavy Power Armor.  This video is for "heavy power armor" but should be easily adaptable to MFZ.  Nice animation.  Another video with music rather than voice-over.

These next three don't feature instructions.

Micro Mech 01.  This video just shows off the mech, but it is available on e-Bay.

LEGO Pacific Rim - Jaeger Gipsy Danger.  It's way too large for MFZ but you may be able to modify it a bit and get it back into scale.

Lego Mecha (Moc) #1 - Tiger.  It has an interesting opening torso.


  1. I never thought to look on youtube for builds before... That first one is pretty cool, but he sounds so bored about it. The power armor build was a beautiful animation!

    1. I came across that first one on the MFZ Reddit board. I just followed links from there. I may have to do more exploring on this front.