Monday, February 24, 2014

A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

The title of this blog post was a saying I heard this weekend.  It means that good fortune benefits all who are involved in a certain enterprise or area.  I'd heard it before but I think it has more relevance after this post over on the Dark Cloud blog.  I know he's kidding when he states we have a "rivalry".  I hope people realize that and that any perceived rivalry is the furthest thing from the truth.  I like the fact that I inspired him to write his own reviews of building block sets for MFZ.  It means I have created something of value within the community through my blogging efforts.  Along the lines of the title, here are a few blog posts that I've come across that only have a solitary mention of Mobile Frame Zero.  I figure that maybe I can drive some traffic towards them by letting you know about them.

Build / Paint /Play made one post about MFZ.  This was back in 2012, then he never talked about it again.  I hope he's still playing.

Another one shot post about MFZ from Weasel Miniatures.

Another one-off blog post.

To Hit Arse Class 0 has a few posts mentioning MFZ.

The Week's Work has a one-off post.

Aaron's Gaming Blog has one too.

Ludo Box has a couple of posts about MFZ.  This is the only one to be found by tags.  The others you have to look for.  Apparently the blog is written by Ybliss.

So remember, more views for me is more views for you is more views for another person.  The MFZ community rises and falls together.  Spread the word so we can all rise.

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