Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Frame Evolution: Egg Walker 2

Hard to believe it's only been three weeks since the first Egg Walker post.  I've made a few more of them since then.  I have three regular versions and one tall one in the standard white with accents color scheme.

I've made enough of these that I've actually run out of White 2x2 Round Tiles.

Plus one tall one in black.  This one actually has Attachments!  I'd stat this one up as 2Rd+8 (gun) /2B (shield) /2W.  Flickr page.

I also have a new version that has movable legs.  It also has a redesigned cockpit area and the legs are slightly different beyond the fact that they can be moved.  Flickr page.

Here we see the beginnings of "Over Easy Company".  They're not fully equipped, but I'm working on it.

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