Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Mechs 5

I haven't done one of these since last year.  So here are a few new mechs for you to ponder.

Gorilla Mechanoid Mk.II by Captain Moebius.  Pretty beefy.  A good way to start this line-up.

Battle Frame UB-30 "Brawny" by Djordje.  Maybe a little big for MFZ, it has some clean Battletech-y lines and some neat techniques.

LIRA by SageThe13th.  Freaky looking -- in a good way.  Maybe a little small.

Terranax Liberators Model R2 by Captain Foo.  A render.  Great use of color in this one.

High Speed Combat Mech by SmellSterns.  This one looks a little on the large size for MFZ.  But if you chop the legs down a bit he should fit.  I see some Zizy influence here.


  1. I particularly enjoy that insectile LYRA. As a Mobile Frame, it is perhaps a little small, speaking mechanically. But as a a member of an insectile alien species, somebody may have just invented a whole new enemy which doesn't need a frame. Just consider it being inside its own hardsuit at 7P scale, and then it's about the right size. Perfect for use as a "swarm" of infantry. Or it could be the "Queen" of the hive, with lots of 7P scale ants running around the battlefield. I really like that build, it's got a lot of potential!

    1. Hi! I'm LIRA's designer. Funny you should mention that. That's exactly how my MFZ aliens the Silranthii work. Their hardsuits are about a brick shy of being as tall as a Chub.