Friday, February 28, 2014

Non-Human 9

Here's another handful of non-human mechs.

CRUB by 1000Nuglets.  This one looks to based on the Hero Factory Mask, Insect.

Spiderfrog by Kark Oohlu.  Seems like I'm always blogging about something he builds.  :-)
Alpha Robot Protobug by AlexNidhogg.  Tiny, but could be part of a swarm or dispersed systems mech.

IMG_0357 by Simmon12.  Looks good for another Ijad variant.  I really like the Travis brick at the front with the 1x1 Round bricks coming off it.

незнакомый by 1000Nuglets.  The title is the Russian word for unfamiliar or strange.  I think it fits.

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